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Reveal trends on any ecommerce store

See trends, suppliers, ads and profit margin data on millions of ecommerce websites as you browse. Follow stores, track and shortlist new products

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Sidebar appears when a store is detected

Store OverviewNew

Snapshot of store as you browse

Store TrendsNew

See all trends detected for a store

Store SuppliersNew

See all suppliers detected for a store

Store AdsNew

View and download ad copy used to get sales

Follow StoresNew

Track every new product added to a store

Product OverviewNew

Snapshot of product data as you browse

Product StrengthNew

Calculated by various trending metrics

Product SuppliersNew

View or detect suppliers for any product

Product AdsNew

See ad copy used to get sales

Shortlist ProductsNew

Save and organise products into projects

Store Feed New

Track all new products from followed stores

Trending Feed New

Unlock product trends based on live trending data

Product Database New

Search 100,000+ live products matched with suppliers

Store Database New

Search 25,000+ active stores with historic trends

Product Shortlist New

Shortlisted products ready for adding to your store

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